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List of UIManager color keys

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve been writing some Java Swing code lately, and somewhere along the way we got caught up in the list of color keys in the Java UIManager class. These keys are cool, because if you use them properly, it can help keep the colors in your Java/Swing application consistent within the application itself, as well as consistent across platforms.

While working on our Swing app, Al just wrote this “list of UIManager color keys” tutorial. Hopefully the source code and list of color keys in that article will be helpful to other Java developers in their Swing/GUI development work.

And now, it’s back to our regularly-scheduled Swing app development work…

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A printf reference page

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Nothing major, but we just made some updates to our printf reference page. This page started off when we were doing a Java project that required some formatted printing, but if you’re familiar with Java, Perl, and Ruby, you know that the printf format syntax is similar across all those languages.

In other news, we’re just keeping an eye on the CES 2010 news. It’s fun to see all the cool, new stuff, but I don’t have any major purchase plans based on anything I’ve seen.

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Alexander Consulting, in Louisville, KY

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Just getting into this whole ‘work’ thing again today, and as we were working on blog posts about Mac HTML editors, we realized the website was created with iWeb. So, while we’re in that neighborhood, if you’re interested in Java, Ruby, PHP, Unix, and Linux consulting in Louisville, Kentucky, check out that website.

(Yes, that was a shameless plug.)

Is Google competing with their own vendors?

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Wow, Mark Sigal raises a very valid point that with the release of Nexus One, Google is now directly competing with the mobile phone hardware vendors and service providers they said they would not — and should not — compete with.

I’ll go further and say that Google selling the Nexus One is like Microsoft picking out just one hardware vendor, and then partnering with that vendor to sell hardware systems directly from If you were the other hardware vendors, wouldn’t that piss you off?

TechCrunch Nexus One review

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Phew, hopefully I’ll be finished reading all these Nexus One reviews soon. Here’s the latest Nexus One review, from TechCrunch.

I have to say, the universal opinion is that this is a very good phone, and a worthy iPhone competitor. And just think, Google’s Eric Schmidt was on Apple’s board the whole time all these plans were being developed.

O’Reilly’s take on Google’s Nexus One

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a nice review of Google’s Nexus One from Tim O’Reilly. While I’m in the neighborhood, here’s another Nexus One review from Walt Mossberg of All Things D.

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one yet, but this device sounds like a great iPhone competitor. Surprisingly though, the monthly price seems a little higher than the initial iPhone deal with Apple and AT&T.

Winer’s “Twitter as coral reef”

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a link to a great article by Dave Winer about “Twitter as a coral reef“. You might think that sounds like a bad thing, but as Mr. Winer describes, it’s a very high compliment. It’s a great story about RSS, Twitter, and APIs in the new world.